About Us

Water Online Analysis Europe WOLA SL

Water On-Line Analysis Europe (WOLA) is a spin-off from Biosensores SL created in 2007, to apply the analytical microbial biosensor technology developed by Biosensores SL, in water and liquid monitoring.

Water Online Analysis Europe WOLA S.L.

Mission, Vision
and Values

Mission: To contribute for a better world in which industrial, environmental and human use of water is well known in terms of water sources, consumption, interconnection and balance, where pollution can be easily avoided, detected and removed. A world where CO2 print in water is reduced to the maximum

Vision: Managing the interaction between the natural and the artificial world in regard to water, building sustainability and protecting health, helping to understand society the consequences of our behaviour on water usages.

Values: Innovation, rapid and automated measuring, analysis and data integration, monitorization in water quality analysis, agri-food industry and environmental assessment.