R & D

National and European Projects

European Projects

“Enzyme technology for Lean and Green food processing” (LeanGreenFood) (2009-2011). https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/238084/reporting

“Biosensors for in situ evaluation of bioavailability of pollutants based on transcriptional regulators a la carte” (BIOCARTE) (2003-2006).

Development of multiparametric detection of Avian Influenza Virus infections of humans and animals based on bio-molecule conjugated magnetic beads system. Viability Study for the VII Framework Programme.

“Controlled Environment Bio piling for Contaminated Land Treatment” (TERRANOVA) (2000-2002).

Development, optimisation and application of genetically optimised microorganism and biosensors for monitoring and biorremediation of polyclorinated byphenyls. (2000).

BIOSET – performance of waste water treatment works. ‘A technical meeting on biosensors for evaluation of the performance of waste water treatment works’, will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from 5 to 7 April 2000.

Evaluation of European R & D in the area of microsystems (ESPRIT)

“Basic Research on the use of magnetic fluids in microsystems” (MICROMAG) (1998-2000). https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/BRPR970598

“Ultra-sensitive Multianalyte Immunoassay based on DNA-sensor” (ULISA) (1998-2000). https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/BRPR970502/results

Molecularly imprinted materials for Integrated Chemical Sensors (MIMICS; 1996-1999) specific sensors capable of measuring the wide range of organic molecules and biomolecules that are important in industrial. environmental and health surveillance monitoring.

National Projects

Automated inmuno-biosensor with magnetic particles as a renewable active surface for the detection and quantification of gas phase molecules and microorganisms in application for public safety and bioterrorism «(Ministry of Defence, Programa Coincidente, 2004-2006)

Bio remediation of boron in water using specific microorganisms supported on renewable continuous bio-filters (BIOBORON)

Control and monitoring of biofilms for water management with laser assisted measurement techniques (2000)

Activated sludge microflora in municipal waste water treatment plants (MICROFLORA ATLAS; 1999)

On-line toxicity monitoring by renewable microorganisms. (1998).

Development of an immuno-biosensor with opto-electrics transducers, integrated in an injection flow analytical system for the quantification of tumoral markers in biological fluids

Continuous analyser of ammonium for the control of water quality, based on the biosensor technology.

Development of an immune-biosensor for the detection of pesticidal by monoclonal antibodies

Development of both analytical and control system for the detection on line of fungi producers of rotten citric fruit post-harvesting

Development of a prototype of an integrated immune-biosensor in an analytical system by flow injection for the quantification of pesticides in fruits.

Immuno-biosensor for the quantification of gastric and breast cancer.

Integrated ISFET system immuno-biosensor as magnetic renewable surface, as universal sensor for molecular analysis.

Automated and continuous determination of biochemical oxygen demand and water toxicity.

Toxic factors in the citric cultures

Development of a biosensor for detection of adulteration of milk by mixing products from different animal species.