About Us

Biosensores S.L.

BIOSENSORES S.L. is a private company that focuses its activity on biosensor technology R+D for its application in automated chemical, biomolecular and microbiological analysis.

It was set up in 1990 and since 1995 it has been developing its activity in the facilities that the company owns in Moncofar, Castellón (Valencian Community – Spain).

BIOSENSORES S.L. has participated in several EU funded projects under the Framework Programme of the European Community of research & technological development.

The application areas of the R & D projects developed by BIOSENSORES SL are:

Environment, Public safety, Food industry, Biomedicine (markers of tumour diseases, degenerative, autoimmune, etc.)

Biosensores S.L.

Mission, Vision
and Values

Our mission is to offer new analysis techniques based on affinity biosensors technology for a fast and optimal solutions to the real problems in the fields of biomedicine, agri-food and the environment.

Our vision is developing new analytical strategies achieving high specific technologies for the detection of analytes in a very short analysis time.

Our values: Commitment in pursuing new advances able to solve the society needs in the areas of health, environment and food.